If you were in church on Sunday the Rector mentioned some exciting news in regards to the hall extension project…well today , the 1st April we can let you all in on the secret!

‘WATER of LIFE’ is coming to Ballylesson!

We are so excited to announce the installation of a small number of optics in a corner of our new church hall extension. This will be in the area set aside for local produce. This will also provide an innovative socialising space for our community.

The Rector was approached by a local businessman ( Mr Ivan Paul Knightley) who has offered to sponsor this innovative plan. There has been a resurgence of local distilleries making local whiskey and gin and after discussion with the Rector they came to the decision that this kind of ‘spirit’ could have a place in Ballylesson

The precedence and idea came from a long standing tradition of churches being involved in the making of these ‘medicinal tonics’. Indeed, Scottish whiskey was invented by a devout monk. The first official recording of distilling stretches back to 1494, when Friar John Cor of Lindores Abbey in Fife was granted the king’s commission to make ‘acqua vitae’, Latin for “water of life”. Buckfast is another well known ‘Tonic’ which is still produced in Buckfast Abbey.

Not to miss on this ‘water of life’ initiative, Mr I P Knightly has offered to help with the application process for the required licences. He even provided the Rector with reassurance of his ambitions and plans. He also shared that his favourite scripture is from Proverbs 29:11.