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Safeguarding Policy & Information

The Church of Ireland’s Safeguarding policies and procedure apply to all clergy, staff and volunteers but especially those who have regular contact with children or adults who may be more at risk of harm or abuse because of their personal or life circumstances.

All information on Safeguarding policies and procedures in the Church of Ireland is now available on our dedicated Safeguarding website which may be found at the following link:

The guidance applies to all aspects of ministry in the Church of Ireland whether within a church building or within parishioners’ homes. It is the responsibility of everyone in the Church of Ireland to ensure that children and adults at risk of harm due to their personal characteristics and/or life circumstances are not left at risk of abuse. Church organisations have a duty to promote the safety and welfare and thereby safeguard children and adults at risk.

Church of Ireland Safeguarding Board

The Church of Ireland Safeguarding Board is authorised by Standing Committee to ensure that those within church ministry are aware of their special duty of care towards children and adults at risk and therefore a culture of collective responsibility to work in partnership with other statutory, community and voluntary organisations is encouraged.

The Safeguarding Board will promote human rights which are embedded in both our gospel values and within international and domestic laws to protect those at risk of harm. The Safeguarding Board is committed to learning from experience and by a process of continuous improvement and to monitor and challenge the effectiveness of the Church of Ireland’s Safeguarding arrangements.

The Safeguarding Board is in place to oversee the implementation and review of this policy. This is a living document and will be reviewed every year and amended as required by the Safeguarding Board.

The Safeguarding Officers can provide advice and support in all matters of child and adult safeguarding. Any issues or concerns can be reported directly to them.

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