D-DAY events in Ballylesson and Drumbo Community!

Thursday 6th June: 6.30pm The Bells will ring out for Preace and commemoration of D-Day from Ballylesson Church for Peace as all bells will do around the UK

Friday 7th Drumbo Area Action Committee will be hosting a film night in Ballylesson Old Boys Hall (Parking in Cameron’s Garden centre) and showing ‘The Longest Day’ .

Saturday 8th June Drumbo Area Action Committee will have a Celebration Tea Party in Drumbo Orange Hall 2-4pm

Sunday 9th June in Ballylesson Church

9.30am Holy Communion. ‘Field Service’

11am: A Service of Commemoration for D-Day with a short presentation by Prof Brian Walker.

Lord of the nations, we honour the bravery and sacrifice of those who served. Grant us similar courage to recognise and restrain evil in our own day, and may those who lead the nations of the world work together to defend human liberty, that we may live peaceably one with another. This we ask in the name of the Prince of Peace, our Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen